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The Eliminate Project

Kiwanis International chose to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) because there is already a proven action plan in place, the results are measurable and Kiwanis could partner with a successful organization. In addition, Kiwanis will be a leader and global health advocate on this issue.

Every day in the developing world, 22,000 children die of preventable causes—before reaching their fifth birthday. The United Nations and other organizations have made it a priority to decrease this number. Kiwanis International is eliminating a disease that kills one baby every nine minutes. By targeting the poorest, most underserved women and children on Earth, The Eliminate Project will pave the way for other interventions that will boost maternal health and child survival.

A woman who receives three doses of tetanus vaccine is protected against tetanus for the majority of her childbearing years. When an immunized mother gives birth, she passes her immunity along to her child. The baby will require booster shots to remain protected. A portion of the funds raised by the Kiwanis family will be devoted to ongoing education and sustainability efforts

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